I have been pastoring and preaching for 48 years. I have spent the last 28 years as your pastor here at Blairland Baptist Church. Until recently, I have never really given a thought about an empty church building on Sunday. My goal has always been that the church building would be as full as we could get it when it was time to preach! However, in light of the Coronavirus, an empty church building is a reality. As a church family, we are facing a situation that is entirely new to everyone. As we face this situation we are also confronted with another problem and that is the one of church financial stability. Since we are not meeting to worship on Sunday, the financial strain this could cause on our church budget could develop into a real problem. Blairland is supported by the regular Sunday giving of all the faithful members and friends of our church. Since we are not planning on meeting for a few weeks that means we do not have the opportunity for regular Sunday giving to be a part of our worship experience. I just want everyone to know that it is critical for us going forward to make sure the church budget is fully-financed and supported in these uncertain times. Your generous gifts enables us, as a church, to provide the ministries in fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. I want to personally thank each you for your faithful stewardship.

I would also like to suggest to everyone (3) ways to give when we are unable to meet in a corporate worship setting.

  1. Online giving. You can click on the “Give” tab on our website and follow the instructions. Church staff can also assist anyone who needs help with this or would like to set up an account for regular giving with the online option. Accounts can also be set up in order for reoccurring gifts which can happen automatically each month.
  2. Mail. The church mailing address is 730 Steekee Street, Loudon, TN 37774. We check our mail on a daily basis to ensure mail is distributed properly.
  3. Drop-off. If you wish to drop off your offering please call the office at 865-458-5790 and we will make arrangements with you for your offering to be dropped off to a church staff employee.

Lastly, we will get through this difficult time with God’s help. As your pastor, I have a positive outlook for the future. Please be safe and proactive. Be ready to come and worship when the church doors are open again!!

In Christ,

Pastor Jon Henson