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“Jesus Teaches About True Wealth”

– – Sunday July 14, 2024 – – Luke 12:13-21 1. His dilemma revealed his heart Proverbs 30:7-9 Matthew 13:22 1 Timothy 6:6-10, 17-19 2. His decisions revealed his heart 1 Timothy 5:8 3. His desires revealed his heart 4. His death revealed his heart

“Eternal Life”

John 17:1-5 I.   What is eternal life? It includes not only quantity of life, but quality of life. The wise person will choose to live with Christ in eternity. Hebrews 9:27 Ephesians 2:1 The focus of eternal life is not on a place, but on a relationship with God through Jesus. II.  No second chance after death III. Eternal life is a gift from God It is a gift. Romans 6:23 It is not based on good deeds. It is…

“Your Plans, God’s Plans”

Psalm 32:8-11 I. God’s promise The source of the promise is God. The value of this promise depends on the character of the One who made it. II. God’s promise is Inclusive Instruction Verse 8 Teaching Verse 8 John 16:13 Counsel Verse 8 Protection III. The Lord warns those who will not listen 1. Do not be stubborn. Verse 9 2. The sorrows of the wicked are many. Verse 10 IV. God blesses those who will listen 1. Loving kindness…

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