Sermons from March 2022

Sermons from March 2022

“The Right Look in Hard Times”

Jeremiah 32:27 Introduction: (Jeremiah 32:27) (Jeremiah 32:17) I.      There is no promise that God cannot keep (Jeremiah 32:21–22) (Numbers 23:19) II.    There is no prayer God cannot answer (Jeremiah 32:21) (Exodus 2:23-25) (1 John 5:14–15) (Psalm 34:15–18) III.  There is no problem God cannot solve (Jeremiah 32:19) This truth is important for two reasons: Everybody in this room has problems Everybody in this room has a problem that only God can solve (Jeremiah 13:23) IV.   There is…

“The Greatness of God”

Psalm 139:1-18  I.    God knows us (Verses 1-6) (1 John 3:20) God knows what we are (Verse 1) God knows what we think (Verse 2) God knows where we go (Verse 3) God knows what we say (Verse 4) David can’t comprehend the greatness of God (Verses 5–6)  II.    God is with us (Verses 7-12) Listen to the question David asked in (Verse 7) Death cannot take us away from the presence of God (Verse 8) Distance cannot…

“The Joy of Contentment”

Philippians 4:10-23 Introduction: “Christian contentment is the God-given ability to be satisfied with the loving provision of God in any and every situation.” – Charles Kelley I.      Contentment – Because of the Overruling Providence of God (Verse 10) (1 Timothy 6:6-10) II.    Contentment – Because of the Unfailing Power of God (Verses 11-13) III.  Contentment – Because of the Unchanging Promise of God (Verses 14-20)