Sermons from May 2024

Sermons from May 2024

“The Devil’s Plan to Defeat Us”

Ephesians 6:10-13 1. What is an attack from the Devil? Romans 8:5-9 2. What are his objectives? He wants to draw us away from God He wants to destroy us He wants to create division 3. What are his strategies?  He directs our attention toward a need or desire. The devil chooses times when we are the weakest He creates doubt in our minds. His biggest target is the Word of God. The devil wants to get us in debate.…

“Five Truths for Living God’s Way”

Selected Scripture 1. Connecting with God Jeremiah 9:23-24 2. God wants to be known Acts 22:14-15 3. Seeking the Lord with all your heart John 10:27 Philippians 3:8 4. Make prayer a priority Hebrews 4:16 5. Base your belief system upon the Bible 2 Timothy 1:13

“The Next Generation”

Psalm 78:1-8 I. We are to teach the next generation to walk in God’s will. Psalm 78 gives the following explanation of what it means to walk in God’s will. Psalm 78:4-7 II. We have a divine obligation to teach the next generation We all have a story to tell Grounding our children in Bible truth is critical We must talk to our children about spiritual matters We must take a stand for truth to protect our children We have…

“The Narrow Path to Personal Peace”

 John 14:27 I. This peace that Jesus Christ offers is not like that which the world offers. II. Jesus is the source of this peace. III. There is a narrow path that leads to peace. IV. On the narrow path to peace, there are obstacles that steal our peace. • Guilt • Anger • Bitterness • Self-centeredness • Doubt • Unbelief • Jealousy V. How can we experience the peace that Jesus Christ offers? • We must believe that He…