Sermons from June 2024

Sermons from June 2024

“Your Plans, God’s Plans”

Psalm 32:8-11 I. God’s promise The source of the promise is God. The value of this promise depends on the character of the One who made it. II. God’s promise is Inclusive Instruction Verse 8 Teaching Verse 8 John 16:13 Counsel Verse 8 Protection III. The Lord warns those who will not listen 1. Do not be stubborn. Verse 9 2. The sorrows of the wicked are many. Verse 10 IV. God blesses those who will listen 1. Loving kindness…

“Strength for Our Doubting Faith”

James 1:2-8 I. What is doubting faith? II. What causes our faith to doubt? Being uncertain about the will of God Human reasoning that conflicts with faith Failing to see God at work in our circumstances Listening to negative counsel of others Focusing on the circumstances Being ignorant of God’s ways Living in disobedience to God III. What are the consequences of doubting faith? Missing the blessing of God Being blow of course by small things Being miserable instead of…

“The Basics of Faith”

2 Corinthians 5:1-8 I. What is faith? II. What is walking by faith? Dependence on the Lord’s guidance Thoughts dominated by Jeus Christ Submission to God Learning to keep our eyes on Jesus Growth of trust in God • To put our full trust in God we must believe three things: God loves us perfectly He has all wisdom and He knows us completely The Lord is sovereign and has absolute control III. How do we learn to walk by…

“Be Patient…Until the Coming of the Lord”

James 5:7-12 I.  Question about the Lord’s coming? What is the Lord’s coming? John 14:3 Whose coming is it? Revelation 2:20 Why is He coming back? Where is He coming back? 1 Thessalonians 4:26-17 Zechariah 14:4 When is He coming? Matthew 24:36 II.  How do we live with patience? Look up – be calm Look in – be clean Look back – be challenged Look forward – be consistent III. Encouraging examples of patient endurance The Farmer The Prophets Job