“The Purpose of It All”

“The Purpose of It All”

–September 18, 2022–

Job 42:1-6

  • We can trust God no matter what happens to us. God always writes the last chapter.
  • We must not misinterpret this final chapter in the book of Job and conclude that every trial will end with all problems solved, all hard feelings forgiven, and everybody living happily ever after. It just doesn’t always happen that way.

Lesson from Job about trust:

T – Tell God how you feel

R – Remember

  • God will never stop loving you
  • God has a plan for your life
  • God cares about every detail of your life
  • God is in control of things I don’t understand
  • God will protect me

U – Unite with people who will help you focus on God

S – Surrender your future to God

T – trust Jesus for every detail of your life

Job’s greatest blessing was not regaining his health and wealth or the rebuilding of his family and circle of friends.
His greatest blessing was knowing God better and understanding His working in in a deeper way.