Sermons from February 2022

Sermons from February 2022

“The Joy of Security”

Philippians 4:4-9 I.      The Problem: Anxiety (Verse 6) II.    The Prescription: Prayer (Verses 6-7) III.   The Program: Right Thinking (Verses (Verse 8-9) To avoid anxiety – we must think proper thoughts: Guideline one: Whatever things are true Guideline two: Whatever things are noble Guideline three: Whatever things are just Guideline four: Whatever things are pure Guideline five: Whatever things are lovely Guideline six: Whatever things are of good report  To avoid anxiety – we must do proper…

” The Joy of Victory”

Philippians 3:7-14 I.        The Liabilities of the Past (Verses 7-8) (Matthew 16:25-26) II.      The Possibilities of the Future (Verse 10) 1.    Knowing the person of Christ (John 17:3) (2 Peter 3:18) 2.    Knowing the power of Christ (Ephesians 1:18-20) 3.    Knowing the passion of Christ (Acts 9:16) (Philippians 3:8) (1 Peter 2:21) (1 Peter 2:20) (1 Peter 3:14) (1 Peter 4: 14,16,19) (Matthew 5:10-12) (Philippians 3:11) (Philippians 1:29) III.    The Responsibilities of the Present…

“The Joy of Integrity”

Philippians 1:27-30 I.          Priority One: Conduct (Verse 27) (1:7) The defense of the gospel (1:12-18) The proclamation of the gospel (1:27) The testimony of the gospel II.        Priority Two: Consistency (Verse 27) III.      Priority Three: Cooperation (Verses 27-28) IV.      Priority Four: Courage (Verses 29-30)

“The Joy of Adversity”

Philippians 1:12-26 7 Principles that will encourage us when we face trouble: 1.    Adversity Promotes the Progress of the Gospel (Verse 12) – The word furtherance 2.    Adversity Provides Opportunities for Witness (Verse 13) – In all the palace. He was referring to the Praetorian Guard 3.    Adversity Produces Courage in our Fellow Believers (Verse 14) 4.    Adversity Proves the Character of our Friendships (Verses 15-18) 5.    Adversity Provokes Growth in our Lives (Verses 19-20) Three things at work in…