“The Joy of Adversity”

“The Joy of Adversity”

Philippians 1:12-26

  • 7 Principles that will encourage us when we face trouble:

1.    Adversity Promotes the Progress of the Gospel

(Verse 12) – The word furtherance

2.    Adversity Provides Opportunities for Witness

(Verse 13) – In all the palace. He was referring to the Praetorian Guard

3.    Adversity Produces Courage in our Fellow Believers

(Verse 14)

4.    Adversity Proves the Character of our Friendships

(Verses 15-18)

5.    Adversity Provokes Growth in our Lives

(Verses 19-20)

Three things at work in Paul’s life that produced spiritual growth:

  1. He was sustained by the prayers of his friends
  2. He was encouraged by the provision of the Holy Spirit
  3. His own personal determination

6.    Adversity Purifies our Motives

(Verse 21)

7.    Adversity Prepares us to see Life and Death in Perspective

(Verses 21-26)