Sermons from May 2023

Sermons from May 2023

“How Should We Wait”

I.   Waiting on God is a principle in His Word (Isaiah 48:28-31) II.  What are the wrong ways to wait on God 1. Impatiently 2. Nervously 3. Complaining 4. Questioning 5. Frustrated 6. Irritated 7. Miserable III. How should we wait on the Lord 1. Patiently (Psalm 40:1-3) 2. Quietly (Psalm 62:5) 3. Trusting (Matthew 7:7-8) 4. Expectantly (Psalm 27:3) 5. Courageously (Psalm 27:14) 6. Standing on God’s Word (Psalm 130:5) (Matthew 7:7-8) (1 John 5:14-15)

“Waiting on God’s Timing”

Isaiah 64:4 I.  God acts on our behalf 3 choices when we have to wait: 1. We can manipulate the circumstances 2. We can quit and walk away 3. We can wait and watch God work II.  Requirements for waiting on God’s timing 1. Trust 2. Humility 3. Patience 4. Courage 1). Courage to resist the temptation to follow our schedule 2). Courage to resist the temptation of the pressure from others 3). Courage to resist the temptation to be…

“Touching the Hearts of the Next Generation”

Psalm 78:1-8 The writer of Psalm 78 describes how God’s truth should be passed down from one generation to the next (verses 4-7). They didn’t have written copies of Scriptures so the parents taught God’s truth verbally from one generation to the next. Today we have the Bible, in which is written everything we need to know about the Lord and His instructions to us. We have been entrusted with the responsibility to teach by instruction and example the truth…

“The Privilege of Knowing God”

Jeremiah 9:23-24  — I.  God desires that we know Him Natural revelation (Hebrews 11:3) Our conscience (Romans 1:19) Jesus Christ (John 14:7-10) The Bible II.  What does it mean to know God? Taking advantage of the privilege of knowing Him Open up Brokenness Be interested in God III. How can we know God? Receive Jesus Christ as Savior Be willing to accept His invitation (Matthew 11:28) We need to understand our problem We need to understand that God has provided…