“Strength in Times of Sifting”

“Strength in Times of Sifting”

Luke 22:31-34

I.    Your adversary will sift you

  1. We are sifted by doubts
  2. We are sifted by desires
  3. We are sifted by disappointments
  4. We are sifted by deceit

 II.   Your abilities will sabotage you

  1. Self-confidence
  2. Prayerlessness
  3. Fleshly courage

 III.  Your actions will surprise you

  1. Peter did not expect to deny Jesus Christ
  2. Peter learned when he failed that failure is not final

IV.  Your advocate will secure you

  1. Jesus prays for us
  2. Jesus understands us
  3. Jesus has compassion for us
  4. Jesus restores us